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The Limited Liability Partnership is a popular choice among entrepreneurs since it combines the advantages of both a partnership firm and a corporation into a single entity. The merits of a partnership along with limited liability business are combined in a Limited Liability Partnership. In India, it began in January 2009, and it quickly became a hit with entrepreneurs and professional services. The purpose of the Limited Liability Partnership was to create a simple corporate structure that would benefit owners by limiting their liability.

At least, one of the two minimum designated partners must be residing in India. The LLP agreement governs the rights and responsibilities of chosen partners. They are directly accountable for ensuring that the provisions of the LLP Act, 2008 are followed. This type of entity is commonly used by law firms, accounting firms, private equity, venture capitalists, architects, and real estate firms. This corporate structure has several advantages, including liability limits and simplicity of compliance.

Filings India professionals can help you to get LLP Registration (Limited Liability Partnership). Registering an LLP is a simple and quick process that can be done online with few easy steps

Step 1: Consult our Experts who will to check eligibility and documents requirement

Step 2: Our team will assist you in finding available name for LLP registration

Step 3: We assist you in applying for DSC and DPIN for LLP’s partners

Step 4: Our professionals shall prepare all necessary ROC forms and drafting the LLP agreement

Step 5: Apply and Deliver your Certificate of Limited Liability Partnership along with LLP deed

The Limited Liability Partnership format is an alternative to partnership firms. It is a corporate business vehicle that gives the benefits of limited liability for a corporation while also allowing its members to organize their internal administration on the basis of mutual agreement, as in a partnership firm. It has various features like the following:

Limited Liability

The accountability of partners shall be limited to the amount of their contributions to the company. In other words, they are not personally liable to outside creditors.


In comparison to the establishment and operation of a Private Limited Company, the formation and operation of an LLP are very straightforward.

Perpetual Existence

An LLP is a legal entity that exists independently of its partners and partners may change from time to time.

Minimum number of Partners

LLP can be formed with minimum of two partners.

Separate Legal Entity

It is a separate legal entity that can hold properties in its own name and is solely responsible for its responsibilities.

Unlimited numbers of Partners

You can have unlimited partners in Limited liability partnership firms.

Need Minimum Partners

In India, a minimum number of two partners is required for the formation of a Limited Liability Partnership.

Indian Citizen partner

One of the partners should have Indian citizenship. In India, this is a legal prerequisite for LLPs.

DPIN Number

An LLP’s partners must all obtain a unique partnership identification number (DPin).

Physical/Permanent Office Address

The Limited Liability Partnerships Act of 2008 makes this a requirement mandatory. The LLP must have a physical location for a registered office from where it may conduct day-to-day operation.

DSC for all Partners

It is a legal necessity for all LLP partners to obtain a Digital Signature Certificate. This would aid in the filing of digital and electronic papers and signatures.

Unique Company Name

Your company’s name must be distinct and unique. The suggested company name should not be similar to any existing registered Indian companies or trademarks.

There are certain benefits of LLP Registration (Limited Liability Partnership) in the business which are given below:

1. Partners personal assets are protected from limited liability.

2. LLP has a better image and credibility as compared to normal firms.

3. Easy Compliances requirement as compare to Company.

4. No Audit Requirement till certain level of annual turnover.

5. Business Continuity Remains, Partners may come and go.

6. There is no minimum capital contribution requirement.

Documents of LLP Partners

1. Photo

2. PAN Card

3. Aadhar

4. Address Proof*

5. Proof of Identity**

Proof of the LLP Registered Office Address

1. Latest electricity bill
any other utility bill in the name of the owner

2. Rent agreement b/w owner & company promoter
NOC from Owner (if owner is the company’s promoter)

*For Address Proof: Bank Statement, Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, Mobile Bill.(Anyone, not older than 2 months).

**For Proof of Identity: Driving License, Voter ID card, Passport (Anyone).

In case of Foreign Nationals/ NRIs–

1. Passport is Compulsory for Foreign nationals and NRIs.

2. They must additionally provide evidence of address, which might be a driver’s licence, bank statement, residence card, or any other Government-issued identity proof with an address.

3. If the documents are not in English, they will be accompanied by a notarized or apostilled translation copy.


1. Application for Digital Signature Certificate
2. Checking LLP Name availability
3. Application for LLP Name Reservation
4. Reservation of LLP Name

DAY 2 -3

1. Drafting the LLP incorporation document
2. Filing application for LLP Registration
3. Application for DIN allotment of Designated Partners
4. Certificate of LLP Incorporation

DAY 4 – 5

1. Application for PAN and TAN of LLP
2. Drafting of LLP Agreement

DAY 6 – 10

1. Payment of Stamp Duty

2. Filing of LLP Agreement


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Type of Company Registeration

Private Limited Company
One Person Company
Limited Liability partnership
Regulate by Act
Companies Act 2013
Companies Act 2013
Limited Liability Act, 2008
Equity Funding
Easily Possible
Not Possible
Possible, but unlikely
Number of Shareholders
Minimum 2 Maximum 200
Only one
Minimum 2 Maximum – Unlimited
Separate Legal Entity
Limited Liability
Statutory Audit
If turnover exceed Rs.40 Lakhs
Statutory Compliances
Foreign Participation / Investment
Not Allowed
Recommended for
Sole Proprietor
Rs. 7999 + Taxes
LLP Incorporation Certificate;
Drafting and filing of LLP Agreement;
Current Bank Account*
1 Partner DSC
Rs. 9499 + Taxes
LLP Incorporation Certificate;
Drafting and filing of LLP Agreement;
Current Bank Account*
1 Partner DSC
GST Registration
Rs. 13499 + Taxes
LLP Incorporation Certificate;
Drafting and filing of LLP Agreement;
Current Bank Account*
1 Partner DSC
GST Registration
GST Invoice Software for 1-Year Validity
Business Website**

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